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Responding to the resilience challenge

News   •   Apr 25, 2016 16:58 BST

Following the previous paper by the  Business Continuity Institute's UK 20/20 Group on The resilience challenge for the business continuity profession, a new paper has been published outlining how individuals and organizations should rise to this challenge.

In ‘Responding to the resilience challenge’, it is shown how business continuity practitioners can use their unique understanding of value creation within an organization to influence governance and promote informed decision making. In these uncertain times, BC can push organizations to become more agile in dealing with emerging risks, while taking a clear role in crisis leadership when risks materialise into disruptions.

The paper explains how BC practitioners should use their background as a foundation for understanding other management disciplines, as resilience practice is expected to grow into a highly technical role that will require practitioners to bridge academic knowledge and professional experience. Practitioners will also be expected to address the gap between existing technical expertise among management disciplines to decision making at the top.

Bill Crichton FBCI, Chairman of the BCI 20/20 UK Group, commented: " For those business continuity practitioners who don't have a good understanding of resilience, they should consider whether they need to enhance their skills to provide the opportunity for them in the future to lead the resilience capability within their organization."

Download your free copy of 'Responding to the resilience challenge' by clicking here.

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