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Horizon scanning post-Brexit: What should businesses prepare for?

News   •   Jun 16, 2016 14:57 BST

With not long to go until the EU referendum when the people of the UK go to the polls to decide the fate of the country's membership of the European Union, the Business Continuity Institute has published a new paper highlighting what some of the challenges may be should the UK choose to leave the EU, an institution it has been a member of since 1973.

'Horizon scanning post-Brexit: What should businesses prepare for?', the latest in the BCI's Working Paper Series, and written by the BCI's Research Assistant – Gianluca Riglietti, notes that a leave vote could result in changes to the regulations that govern our organizations, as well as implications on staffing, supply chains and cyber security. The only clear effect of the referendum however, is the ambiguity relating to what could happen. In this climate, businesses need to think and clearly identify their vulnerabilities linked to Brexit. Firms will need to have plans on how to adjust in order to thrive.

The paper concludes that making sure an organization is resilient requires adopting a proactive approach. The nature of today’s threats is constantly unfolding and evolving, which means that in order to stay on top of them, contingency plans need to be able to change and evolve as well.

Patrick Alcantara, Senior Research Associate at the BCI, commented: “There is certainly a gap in this kind of publication as most tend to focus on the political dimension surrounding the UK referendum. I see this paper as useful material for organizations as it raises important questions pertaining to preparations related to a possible Brexit. It highlights specific areas which may benefit from further analysis in the hope of raising overall levels of resilience following the vote.

Download your free copy of 'Horizon scanning post-Brexit: What should businesses prepare for?' to understand more about the possible challenges of the UK leaving the EU.

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