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Let’s shape tomorrow’s resilience practice in India today

Blog post   •   Jun 05, 2017 12:35 BST

Welcome to the age of disruption, uncertainty and opportunity.

The development of technology is transforming every sphere of our lives. Societies, government and organizations are seeing change at a velocity which has not been witnessed in the history of mankind. The rules of every industry are being rewritten while geopolitics, regulations and globalization are making the world an increasingly complex place to survive and succeed. No one is exempt - including our industry.

Poised at the crossroads of change stands an opportunity. It is called India.

A sixth of world's population is expected to grow at a pace faster than the rest of world. 1.25 billion Indians have unprecedented energy and hunger to make a difference to this planet. It is also said that the world is coming to India and will continue to do so for some time. As a country, we are excited and humbled by this massive opportunity. We are also looking forward to the benefits coming from this. This massive tide of opportunity has the potential to lift everybody, promising to benefit individuals, organizations and entire industries.

If India continues on its present growth course, it could have a US$5 trillion economy within the next 20 years. But our national ambition is to perhaps go beyond that. This journey will have its own set of challenges and will not guarantee growth by default. Multiple industries and sectors will evolve in parallel and not always in synergy. At the same time India’s ambition will also collide with global realities at play. In this context, resilience will take a whole new meaning for India.

It is now our time to create our unique point of view in our domain and shape the future of our profession. Navigating this means constant exploration of the strands, fragments, dynamics and even contradictions that form a part of this unfolding narrative. We are grateful to the Business Continuity Institute for helping us start the 20/20 journey in India.

India is one of the BCI’s growth markets, and David Thorp, Executive Director at the BCI, recently said: “the 20/20 Groups are an integral part of the BCI’s aim to shape the future of our profession. This is a space to engage in provocative thought, play with ideas and engage with fellow experts. India holds so much potential in leading our profession and shaping future practice, and I’m counting on the India 20/20 Group to bring out those ideas worth spreading to the rest of the world.

As such, thought leadership has never been more relevant. We are looking for fresh, powerful thought leadership for the India 20/20 Group, and our mission to achieve this is based on three core beliefs.

  • New thinking can create a better future for business continuity
  • Our ideas have the power to influence global paradigms on business continuity
  • Modern day thought leadership requires a broad base, engaging a more global audience

We believe the challenge for us is how to lead our audiences and stakeholders so that they can explore, alter and shift their understanding about India’s business continuity story and also contribute to the global Think Tank of business continuity professionals.

As leading practitioners of business continuity in India, I invite you to be part of this exciting journey. If you are curious and are able to open new paths through your expertise we can enable you to explore, engage and launch your own thought leadership. If you would like to find out more about the BCI 20/20 Think Tank India Group, or if you would like to submit your interest in becoming a part of it, just click here.

Together let us take business continuity forward.

Arunabh Mitra MBCI is the Chief Continuity Officer of HCL Technologies. He is involved in the leadership of the BCI Hyderabad Forum and also leads the BCI 20/20 in India.

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