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Blog post   •   Dec 10, 2014 13:21 GMT

Suppose your company’s data systems were to go down unexpectedly. What would it cost your enterprise? Would you believe $212,000 for every hour you're offline, or about $3,500 per minute? That's the average figure the market intelligence firm Aberdeen Group came up with recently when it analyzed 125 organizations worldwide.

An IT crash is just one kind of calamity that can bring a business to its knees. In today’s interconnected world, the question isn’t what if, but when some form of disruption will hit and impact a company’s bottom line. It doesn’t matter what disrupts a business; it could be power outage at home, a natural disaster at a facility in China, or a global cyberattack. Leaders have to be prepared for any contingency, especially those they can’t anticipate.

So says Deborah Higgins MBCI, Head of Learning and Development at the Business Continuity Institute in an article within the 17th November edition of Fortune. To read a full copy of the article, click here.

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