The digital threat remains the top concern for business continuity professionals

News   •   Feb 21, 2017 08:21 GMT

Cyber attack is once again the top threat perceived by businesses, according to the latest ​Horizon Scan Report, published by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) in association with BSI (British Standards Institution).


Incident micromanagement - good or bad?

Blog posts   •   Feb 24, 2017 14:50 GMT

Yesterday I attended the Scottish Continuity Resilient Scotland Conference at the RBS Headquarters in Edinburgh. The opening speaker was John Swinney MSP, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills. He began by talking about the need for resilience in Scotland, as well as the risk from cyber attacks and how we must all do our bit to protect our organisations from threats.


Play your part in building a resilient organization

News   •   Feb 23, 2017 15:57 GMT

The countdown has begun for Business Continuity Awareness Week (15th - 19th May 2017). We are only a few months away, and now we have published the posters that will be used to promote the week. The theme for BCAW this year is cyber security, and we have produced a series of six posters that all highlight an activity that each and every one of us can do in order to help improve cyber security.


What does the future hold for Business Continuity Management professionals?

News   •   Feb 22, 2017 16:43 GMT

With an increasing volume of conversation taking place around the concept of ‘organizational resilience’, business continuity management professionals are taking advantage of this to expand their own remit and improve their career opportunities. These are the findings of a new report published jointly by PwC and the Business Continuity Institute.


Cyber attacks and data breaches remain top of the agenda for business continuity concerns

Press Releases   •   Feb 21, 2017 00:01 GMT

Cyber attack is once again the top threat perceived by businesses, according to research published today by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) in association with BSI (British Standards Institution).


International Business Continuity Management Conference in Toronto

News   •   Feb 16, 2017 16:58 GMT


​Shhhhhh... Don’t tell anyone the scenario

Blog posts   •   Feb 09, 2017 14:59 GMT

Through working both as a consultant and as a full time organizational business continuity resource, a common theme of exercising keeps becoming apparent. Each year we hope to amaze and terrify our BC exercise participants with our well thought out, taxing and relevant BC exercise scenario by keeping it secret.


Solving business continuity challenges to add value to the organizations we serve

Blog posts   •   Feb 08, 2017 16:08 GMT

2017 may be well underway, but I wanted to take the time to reflect on the past, and look ahead to predict the way in which our business continuity profession will continue to mature over the coming year and beyond. In many ways, this top 5 list is aspirational – that being my hopes for our profession as we solve some entrenched challenges and work to add more value to the organizations we serve.


Why do we not listen?

Blog posts   •   Feb 03, 2017 16:24 GMT

​I am not obsessed with President Trump by any means, but at the moment, he is highly visible and there are lots of lessons to be learned from the situations he is creating. Between winning the election and his inauguration, the news has been full of speculation about what sort of President he would be, and what his policies would be.


Business continuity management is not boring, but the video could be

Blog posts   •   Feb 01, 2017 14:42 GMT

Have you watched (or even been forced to watch) a business continuity management (BCM) video? Perhaps it was during your training, or as the business continuity manager when you tried to convince the organization to invest in BC capabilities?

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